Content Management Sites

If you are looking for a Content Management System Web solution (CMS) which you can maintain yourself, we are able to provide a quick out of the box CMS solution using Wordpress or Joomla. These are Open Source solutions which we can customize according to your specific requirements. We build custom design for your web interface with attractive graphics and animations. We provide training and user guides for the CMS and guide you till you get familiar with the system. A quick CMS solution can be provided within one or two weeks' time if you have all the contents ready.
Having a content managed website means that you will be able to edit most of the page content easily via your web browser and also update articles, images in separate pages, image galleries, blog posts, and even media clips.
Usually a content managed website will cost slightly more to build and set up initially, but you could achieve great savings when it comes to updating the website. For sites where there is a need for frequent updates, a CMS web site can provide a very cost-effective solution.
Check our Content Management system case study to get an idea

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